Cultivating the Present 

Harvesting the Future

Welcome to Durian Sanctuary 
Founded in Malaysia, Mirach HP Limited (“MHP”), which principally engages in the durian cultivation business, spearheaded a project named Durian Sanctuary, to focus on operation and management of a durian plantation spanning 550 acres in Gua Musang, Kelantan, Malaysia. Through adopting high-efficiency and innovative farming methodologies and contemporary agriculture, we aim to harvest 200kg of Musang King durians per tree annually.
Annual Durian Production in Malaysia
Metric Tonnes
Total Durian Imports to China in 2016
594,128 Metric Tonnes
Malaysian Durians
24 Species
Re-exported from Hong Kong to China in 2016
301,700 Metric Tonnes
Malaysia's Target Durian Exports Value to China by 2020
 US$3 Billion
Retail Price of Musang King Durians In China
RM150 Per KG