It All Begins With The Passion For Durians

Founded in Malaysia, Mirach HP Limited (“MHP”) is principally engaged in the durian cultivation business, focusing on operation and management of durian orchards in Malaysia. We adopt high-efficiency and sustainable farming methodologies through innovative solutions and contemporary agriculture.


Our diverse experience, knowledge and our passion for durians drives us to kick-start a Musang King durian farming project called Durian Sanctuary.

We plan to plant 20,000 durian trees, in the District of Gua Musang, Kelantan, the home of this most popular durian species.

As the trees reach maturity after 6 years, we expect to harvest a yield of 200 kilogrammes of musang king durians per tree per year.

Works are currently progressing ahead of schedule, with our contractors bringing in full contingent of heavy machineries for the development works, planting and maintenance works. We have also set up our nursery and research centre in Perak, to continuously drive innovation and technological enhancements to our farming methods.

With China’s soaring appetite for Malaysia’s durians, especially Musang King, and the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry’s plans to expand its reach to the Chinese through exporting fresh Musang King durians to China, we foresee huge potential in the durian cultivation business in the upcoming years.

Why This Site Is Ideal For Durian Cultivation

1. Optimised Soil Suitability & Fertility

2. Gently Sloping Land and Foothills

3. Annual Rainfall of above 1500mm