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The Amazing Agriculture Technology behind Durians

Durian Stem Grafting 榴莲嫁接法之驳枝

"Musang King Durian don't have seeds, that's why grafting is one of the best cultivation method. 猫山王榴莲的果实无核具多,因此取母树的枝桠芽眼嫁接为最好的培植方法之一。"

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Interview With Durian Entrepreneurs

November 28, 2017


What used to be the favourite durian(s) in the past? Has that changed – what durians are trending now?

Back then, Sultan (D24) or XO were the most popular durians.

Today, Mao Shan Wang has gained a lot of attention. Still, everyone has their personal preference.

The Fruit That Smells Like Gym Socks Is Skyrocketing in China

November 28, 2017


China’s durian imports top $1 billion as flavor catches on

“Some of them said that, now in China, there are two things that people will queue up for: the iPhone X, and Malaysian durians,” Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ahmad Shabery Cheek said Saturday. He was speaking at a durian festival in Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia’s largest state, that drew durian devotees from as far away as central China."

"...Durian could thrive as Malaysia's cash crop"

November 28, 2017


With the suitable technological investments to increase crop yield and more foreign exposure, the "King of Fruits" has the potential to emerge as the next cash crop for Malaysia.

The fruit brought in a sales volume of RM1.97 billion in 2016 from the 66,038ha of land utilized for durian plantations, reported New Straits Times.

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